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A Group Fitness Program

To Build Muscle, Lose Body Fat, And Maintain A Healthier Lifestyle

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A Group Fitness Program

To Gain Strength, Lose Body Fat, And Maintain A Healthier Lifestyle

Tired Of Managing Your Fitness Alone?

Fitness Schedule


Off Track

Gain Weight

Not Seeing


Low Motivation

Struggling With


Fitness Confusion

Feeling Unsure

What To Do

Fitness Is Overwhelming

if you're busy and don't have the time to create or maintain a plan to lose weight, build lean muscle, or live a healthier lifestyle year-round.

  • Motivating yourself to go to the gym is difficult to keep up

  • There's too much fitness and nutrition confusion to know what works

  • Exercising on your own gets boring and isn't fun

  • Motivating yourself year round is difficult and inconsistent

  • There's fitness and nutrition information overload

  • Exercising on your own gets boring and is too much effort

  • What you've tried so far isn't working how you hoped

  • You're worried about form and if you could injure yourself

  • You need a simple plan and more guidance to implement it

  • Researching workouts on the internet takes real effort and wastes your time

  • You question your workout technique and worry about injury

  • You wish you had more guidance and a simple plan for your goals

and that leads to inconsistent fitness routines and feeling guilty about staying committed. We don't want that for you. LIV Athletic has helped thousands of people live a healthier lifestyle and feel more confident in their body's. Our group fitness program will help you stay consistent an in shape year round.

Everything you need to get in your best shape and maintain your fitness year round

All for a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer

How Does Our Fitness Program Work?

With our simple plan and coaching staying in shape has never been easier

Fitness Schedule

Achievable Schedule

We help you create a weekly routine that fits into your lifestyle starting with just three workouts a week

Fitness Coach

Expert Coaching

Get individual instruction and feedback that's right for your experience level every single workout

Fitness Accountability


We help you stay consistent even if life gets busy so you never feel off track with your health

Lose Weight, Gain Muscle

Measurable Results

We help you build your strength and improve your cardio so you transform your body

Fitness Coach, Fitness Trainer

Personal Guidance

We teach you how to implement healthier habits and support you through the changes

Fitness Nutrition

Nutrition Support

We help you create a meal plan and implement the habits so you have more energy and look your best


"For the first time in my life I love training and look forward to going to the gym. Liv Athletic has given me so much more than I ever expected! I feel more confident in all aspects of my life not just in my fitness journey. You will not regret it!"


"The coaches don’t just know what they’re doing, but they also take a personal interest in you. The class environment is a tight knit group of individuals who help you push yourself and stay motivated. It’s a great place, and I couldn’t be happier I joined."


"Thanks to the coaches for the constant encouragement and for giving me the tools I needed to be successful in getting back into shape and getting my weight back under control in a way that’s healthy and keeps me strong!"


Start Living Healthier With A Fitness Plan And Coaching

Fitness Step One

Submit Your Info

Get to know each other.

Learn about our program.

Fitness Step Two

Get A Plan

Exercise at least 3x/wk, follow our nutrition steps, work with your coach.

Fitness Step Three

Reach Your Goals

Stay consistent. Love the way you look.

Feel strong, fit, and healthy.

About Us

We’ll help you take the guesswork out of staying in shape so you can achieve your fitness goals. With our coaching program, you will confidently exercise, meal plan, and stay committed to your goals, without spending a fortune on a personal trainer.

Do you want help to transform your body and fitness?

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More Resources

LIV Athletic Facebook
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